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You cannot install or start the service when using Apache with WAMP.

You get the following messages:

Test port 80
Your Port 80 is actually used by: Information not available (might be Skype).
Install Service
Cannot install the Apache service, please stop this application and try again.

Before you try these (as I did):

  • disable Skype.
  • disable NIS (Norton Internet Security).
  • disable IIS (Internet Information Service).
  • change your Firewall settings (Norton, McAfee, Windows, ...).
  • turn-off all services that could use port 80.
  • change the string "Listen 80" in the httpd.conf file to something else.
  • re-install WAMP without the PHP4 add-on.
  • re-install WAMP without the MySQL add-on.
  • re-install WAMP alone many times.
  • re-boot Windows many times.

Check your ".conf" files.
It turned out that in my case, the problem was simply related to a typo in a file for one of my aliases. I had forgotten a "#" at the beginning of a comment line.
On one line I had this:

main section

instead of this:

#main section

It is the missing octothorpe - or pound key (#) - in that .conf file that stopped the service and made the "test port 80" option fail.

I looked all over the Web and didn't find anything (document or post) that relates these specific issues to "typos" in configuration files. So I hope this is the solution to your problem.

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